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Erick Ernesto Vázquez Enríquez

  • Marital Status. Single.
  • Nationality. Mexican.
  • Address. Aldous Huxley, Fracc. Jardines Universidad,45110, Zapopan, Jalisco.
  • Law Degree: professional, responsible and capable; interested in developing my skills to the fullest both professional and personal, and become a successful attorney, in tax-administrative and/or corporate practice, by means of a gradual study, work and effort process.
  • National Champion as team member of Universidad Panamericana in the X University Contest of International Commercial Arbitration organized by the Mexican Center of Arbitration. (2011). Also, Congress of the State of Jalisco granted us, through the Justice Commission an acknowledgement of success in Arbitration, as an alternate method of dispute resolution. Even though I have never been involved in arbitration at a professional level, the demand of the course (simulation of a case in all its stages even the hearing between arbitrators, I was able to develop the bases and knowledge to carry this subject, since such practice covers both the regulatory principles, elaboration of arbitration clauses, defense of their validity and efficiency, as well as the arbitrational stage, and the knowledge of the arbitration institutions and regulations).
  • Speaking Champion in the X University Contest in International Commercial Arbitration by the Mexican Center of Arbitration.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Thesis (to be presented): Indemnity in tax trials in favor of taxpayers; analysis of the current regime and reform proposal.
  • Several participations and awards in Speaking contests, Debates, Recitals and Rehearsal during High School, at state and national level.
  • Tax Course in Universidad Panamericana (2011 - 2012)
  • Law School Degree in Universidad Panamericana.- Average- 93 (From 2006 – 2011)
  • High School: Instituto Cumbres Guadalajara.
  • Middle School: Instituto Cumbres Guadalajara.
  • Elementary: Instituto Cumbres Guadalajara.
  • Spanish: Mother Tongue; English.

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